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By dampness we mean not only moist, Order Vrikshamla Online but wet places, steamy atmospheres, or air in which the'humidity is main- tained at a higher point than 65¬∞. If, to such conditions, changes in L.L, ...J Li Google 320 THE OHIO PUBLIC HEALTH JOURNAL. temperature, either up or down from 68" take place, the risk to health becomes greater. Those whose work necessitates exposure to water and dampness should not be required to do sedentary work unless temperature is carefully "controlled, and recreation periods are arranged for. They should be provided with rubber boots, rub- ber aprons, etc., in addition to all mechanical means devisable to re- move water and steam. Where other health-hazards are associated with this feature of dampness and moisture, workers should have Fig. 8, Dark Wall Shades Afkect Illumination, Each of these two little rooms receives the same light. Dark walls absorbed most of the light in left-hand room. bathing facilities, such as the shower bath, and obviously, such necess- ities as lockers for street clothing. Some establishments widely pro- vide drying rooms in which to hang damp working clothes. By far the vast majority of workshops and factories, however, are afRicted with the opposite condition. DRYNESS. An experiment made in almost any factory or workshop room, office or store, dur- ing the months of artificial healing will show that the relative humid- ity, instead of ranging betwen 60¬∞ and yo¬∞ for a temperature of f>8'', is very much below this. This applies to nearly all steam-heated. hot-water heated, or hot-air heated quarters. This dryness of the L.^;,z:change of air and Fig. 9. Cuiy Preparation in Pottery Works. Showing filler press room of model construction in an art tile plant. LL,-.,.>.jbi Google THE OHIO PUBLIC HEALTH JOURNAL. 10. 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Iiumidity (relative) 60¬∞. and a motion of the air, as by fans вАФ No fresh air possible within work places in this district. are provided for. It has been practically established that it is not the amount of oxygen which persons use up in breathing, nor the amount of carbon-dioxide they exhale, nor the emanations from the human body (except moisture particles from the coughing, spitting or sneezing of diseased persons in crowded quarters) which count for aught in vitiating the air, except under the most -unusual conditions of crowding or confinement. There is a difference between the air of many work quarters, however, than that of homes, schools, offices, stores, etc. In shops, factories, mills, and many other establishments there are the ever- present air vitiators such as free flames without vents, gas heaters, Order Vrikshamla salamanders, furnaces, gase? from tanks and vats, and chemical vapors which are not confined or led away from the breathing at- mosphere. 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