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Related post: S»KA Kerr, B. A As^tant Statistician DIVISION OF PLUMBING INSPECTION. WiLUAH C. Grobnigeh Director and State Inspector William F. Dufft Deputy State Inspector Offices and Laboratories of the Slate Healtli Vibramycin Syrup Department are located on the Ohio State University Vibramycin Cost Campus. - The offices are in Page Hall; the Laboratories arc in the Hygienic Laboratories' Building. Didi-izeclbyGoOgiC The Ohio PubHc Health Journal OHIO STATE BOARD OF HEALTH EUGENE F. McCAMPBELL, Ph.D., M.D. R. G. PATERSON, Ph. D. P. G. BOUDREAD, M. D , C. M. COQtributiiig Editon— The Memben at the Stiff. Vol. V. No. 6. JUNE, 1915. TABLE OF CONTENTS Water Purification al Columbus. Charles P. Hoover, A. M., Chemist-in- Charge, Water Purification Plant. Columbus. Ohio 709 Some Filtration Plant Bacteriological Data. Russel D. Scott. B. S., As- sisUnt Bacteriologist. Ohio State Board of Health 734 Vibramycin Hyclate Plumbing and Its Relation to Health. Wm. C. Groeniger. Director. 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In 1904, just a year previous to the time work was started on the improved water supply, the typhoid fever death rate was 139 per lOO,- 000, a disgrace to any American city. After heavy rains the water was so turbid or muddy that it was almost impossible to use it for domestic or other purposes. The
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