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Related post: for a period of more than four weeks' duration annually. There are about 22,500 industrial workers killed each year. There are between 15,000 and 18,000 who suffer permanent disabil- ity each year. The economic waste from this source alone means the loss of working time of over 60,000 labor- ers, or 18,000,000 work days a year. Sickness Exacts Toll Sickness in industry likewise exacts a heavy toll. We are informed from the same source that the average worker loses from illness about nine days a year. This means a loss of one million workers a year, or 360,- 000,000 days a year, which, estimated at an average daily wage, means a stupendous amount which is lost, when computed in dollars and cents, and much of it is preventable. Add to this loss, the expenses of sickness, medicines, physicians' and nurses' services, sundry expenses plus the loss of production, and we have an amount which is staggering. There is therefore no greater problem be- fore our country than that of caring Nevirapine Tablets properly for those industrially em- ployed. This is further demanded from a public health policy because to I'educe death rates we must attack those conditions which are destroying our producers. A study of a twenty year experi- ence in mortality statistics in New York City shows that, while the gen- eral death rate has been reduced from 20.57 per 1,000 population to 12.39— which means a saving of practically eight lives to each one thousand of our population. This has been ac- complished from a reduction of child life under five years, which had a rate of 64.6, but is today but 24.7, and in the reduction' of infant mortality — ■ children under one year — from 192 to 82 — but with it we find the middle aged are more rapidly passing away. It is therefore necessary to take steps to reduce the causes of death of this middle aged group. Cancer is on the increase; Bright's disease is on the increase; heart dis- ease is on the increase; and these are the diseases incident to middle life. To rear a family costs money. To train a workman costs money. Va- rious estimates have been given re- garding these two conditions, but what is the use of preparing offspring to take the places of parents when as they are prepared, they are stricken either by accident or illness and taken off? This, therefore, is the theme that is now before us. In our estimation, much of this in- dustrial sickness is wholly prevent- able and to reach the people and educate them in means of prevention is our problem. There are many in- dividuals who utterly disregard reg- ulation, but the intelligent and the anxious to learn appreciate that health regulation is the putting into practice something which is of some good to all. The prevention of accidents and of occupational diseases in a number of industrial establishments has fully demonstrated that many accidents and much sickness can be materially reduced. The use of Buy Nevirapine safety appli- ances and educational propaganda against these conditions have cost considerable money, but it has been spent in a cause well worth while if one may judge of the results. Injuries and disease, however, in Every possible care for the comfort of workers is provided by the manufacturing concern which houses this men's club. It is no mere coincidence that the labor turnover here is the lowest we have observed, proving the value of good environment. Employees are entertained during lunch hours by music in this very hygienic and attractive eating room. The monotony of their tasks is relieved in other ways. Recreation is provided to effect a proper balance between work and play. May, 1921 THE NATION'S HEALTH 313 many instances, are contracted while the worker is away from his place of business — in the streets, in places of assembly, in the home, and in recre- ational places. The fatalities and injuries from automobile accidents are appalling. Disease, especially communicable, is often contracted in these latter places and taken into the shop and there spread to many work- ers because, either the sufferer was indifferent to the health of others, or else he was uninformed as to the dan- ger and the need of care. Conspicu- ous in this regard was the epidemic of influenza. Illness of this charac- ter is responsible for an enormous wastage of time, money, and health. A broad vision with regard to our public health industrial hygiene pro- gram, within and without industry, is needed to approximate health ideals. The unexpected and extraordinary success of the division of industrial hygiene, considering the compara- given a health foundation that will enable his physique to respond to the demands of the future job, whatever it may be. The physically ill are handicapped and cannot compete with others on an equal basis in industry. Inadequate medical supervision has been responsible for an appalling number of permanently handicapped individuals. Preventive medicine is concerned in the careful study of each individual in order to detect physical defects in their incipiency. It is shortsightedness to seek medical aid only when ill. In industry it is short- sightedness to try and operate a plant without medical sanitary supervision. It is likewise a grave error to hire cheap untrained doctors and nurses, who are already responsible for too many permanently disabled workmen. This statement may be verified by many State Industrial Compensation Boards. Many good medical men and trained nurses are seeking this par-
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