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Related post: assured, — let us who are engaged in the work, or those who may take up the work, never lose our visions of what that future should be nor fall short of our best efforts to attain that goal. Flat Foot as a Problem of Industrial Surgery Concomitant Predisposing Constitutional Conditions Are Always to Be Looked For By R. B. BETTM.\N, M.D., Chicago. Illinois THE weak foot is a disability which greatly handicaps a large class of workmen, and may com- pletely incapacitate a few. Much can be done by the industrial surgeon to alleviate this condition and at the same time keep the worker on the pay roll. "Flat Foot" a Misnomer The weak foot, or flat foot, or "fall- ing arch" — both of these terms being misnomers — occurs in workers who stand at their work for long Buy Oxytetracycline hours, or who walk continually on hard factory floors. It is apt to be a disease of the new employee, of the worker who is transferred from a sedentary job to one requiring much standing or walk- ing. Besides the etiological factor of "being on one's feet continuously" other factors enter. The employee who is in a run down condition, who is convalescent from a recent illness, who is suffering from some other ail- ment, such as a chronic sinusitis, a gonorrhea, or a furunculosis, is more prone to develop a weak foot. An expedient prophylactic measure is to prevent an employee who has just returned to work following a more or less protracted illness from being placed on a job requiring "being continuously on the feet." If it is not possible to place the workmen on a job requiring alternately a sedentary and ambulatory position, it is well to put him Buy Oxytetracycline Online first on shorter hours, grad- ually iricreasing to full time. It is better for him to keep working, even at a reduced wage for a short time than to follow a course which may mean complete incapacity later on. A man with an infection who is in a "continuously on the feet" job should be cautioned to rest whenever pos- sible. Workers' shoes should receive espe- cial attention. However, the physi- cian is apt to find that all his logical reasonings sound a very feeble remon- strance compared to the clarion de- cree of style. The male worker needs to be cautioned as regards the wear- ing of oversize shoes or tennis sneakei-o. It was found expedient in the army to lay much stress on the shoes of the soldier. Might it not be well to devote a little more time to the feet of our industrial soldiery? The symptomatology of weak foot is varied. Oxytetracycline Tablets In only a certain percent- age are the pain and discomfort local- ized in the arch. In many instances not even pain or tenderness of the muscles of the legs or thighs are the outspoken symptoms. General lassi- A pronounced case of so-called second degree flat foot. The transverse arch is almost obliterated. The patient is in a typical walking attitude, the feet rotated outward. tude, vague pains in the back, e.xhaus- tion towards the end of the day's work may be the direct symptoms of a weak foot, in such cases the diag- nosis can only be made by the process of exclusion. Examination of the foot itself may show nothing. The char- acter of the walk is more apt to be the earliest clue. The patient may walk "stiff' footed." Some overcome the weakness in the foot by volun- tarily throwing the weight on the outer side of the shoe, and walk pigeon-toed. This is a self-learned remedy and a good one. One should not, Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride of course, attempt to correct a "pigeon-toed walk" acquired for the sake of resting the foot until the foot is really strengthened. A more com- mon walk w-ill be the walk with the foot rotated outward, the splay foot walk. Here the patient tries to over- come the effort of rising on the ball of his foot by pushing himself along- much as one does on skates. A series of sprained ankles arouses suspicions of a weak foot. It is com- monly known that the actual amount of flattening of the arch has but slight relation to the amount of physical dis- comfort. A slight tendency to evert the foot while standing, an outward curving of the Achilles tendon are early signs of a weakened foot. Corrective Measures Used The urgent problem in such condi- tions is what to do to overcome the condition and still keep the worker on the payroll. Obviously, when the condition is the result of occupation, change of employment is initiated where possible. A man who has de- veloped a weak foot from standing will often be relieved if the change is only to a walking job, though it may be necessary to reduce the working hours, or to shift the handicapped worker to a sedentary post. The im- 462 THE NATION'S HEALTH Vol. Ill, No. 8 Terramycin Oxytetracycline A boy convalescing from an acute infectious disease. He has weak feet and of his own accord has shifted his weight to the outer side of the feet, walking "pigeon-toed." To correct him of this method of walking Oxytetracycline Online would precipitate symptoms of "fiat foot." As he becomes stronger he will sponta- neously resume his former step. provement of the patient's general physical condition is of prime impor- tance. Here the social worker, pro- vided the factorj' has a social service department, will be of the greatest aid to the industrial surgeon. The shoes should receive attention. Ad-
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