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Related post: bers to represent each Phexin Antibiotic of the the three countries. SOCIETY PROCEEDINGS. Fifth Triennial Session, Held at Washington, D. C, May i, s, and 3, /poo. ISp«iill7 repotted for Ibe Medical Newi.) GENERAL SESSION. First Day — May ist. Adaptation of FRthogenio 3aoteria to Different Species of AnimalB. — Dr. Theobold Smith of Bos- ton pointed out that medical science and medical art have to do chiefly with the phenomena of hu- man disease. That which medical science wants to know is the series of causes or antecedents leading to any given disease and the series of phenomena which unfolds itself within the body during disease. Medical art desires to know where human ingenuity may come to modify, sup- press, or eliminate portions of this series, so as to interfere with the progress of the disease and tning it to a standstill. Hygiene, by common consent, devotes itself to the external phenomena ; pathology, to the internal. A small proportion of the infectious diseases of man and a large pro- Phexin Tablets portion of the infections diseases of higher ani mals Phexin Bd are transmissible, or at least, inoculable upon smaller animals producing in them diseases which have more or less constant characters. The range of infectiousness varies considerably and arbitrarily without any at present assignable rea- sons. The range of infective power seems to a certain extent to coincide with the readiness with ■which the bacteria can be artificially cultivated various substrata. Or, in other words, with their <i^ree of saprophytism. Thus, the plague ba- ■cillus, the colon derivatives, the rabbit septicemia group, and anthrax, are quite readily cultivated id their range is very wide. Investigation of fectious diseases of animal life has brought be- fore us another phenomenon which is of consid- erable importance. Certain bacteria causing dis- ease among different species have certain affinities which cause us to classify them together and which enable us, at the same time, to clearly separate them from other pathogenic groups. One of the most important of these groups con- sists of derivatives of the colon bacillus which produce epizootics among swine, guinea-pigs, field-mice and spermophiles Which liave been found associated with disease in horses, cattle and certain birds. Outbreaks of meat-poisoning in European countries characterized by gastro-intestinal dis- turbance are most likely due to some forms of the paracolon bacilli and paratyphoid bacilli. The lyphoid bacillus is probably a more highly modi- fied offshoot of this same stock. There is much minor variation among these derivatives, which is probably due to an adaptation to different ani- mal hosts. We might say that the colon bacillus or some ancestral form possessed certain qualities favorable to parasitism which have enabled it to become a prominent pathogenic power under the form of a number of varieties. The tubercle ba- cillus furnishes us still another illustration. The avian type has been recognized as a variety for some years. Similarly, the tubercle bacillus of cattle has certain uniform characters which have thus far been found from culture in the human subject. There is one other question which is more or less associated with the subject, the fluc- tuation of the virulence of pathogenic organisms and the bearing of this upon the appearance of in- fectious diseases in epidemic form. The conunonl^ accepted view of Phexin Syrup the gradual self-limitation of epi- demic diseases is the exhaustion of susceptible material. The recrudescence is similarly ascribed to the reappearance of a young, susceptible gen- eration. Thus, the reappearance of the Eastern plague after an interim of months is ascribed by one observer to the new generation of rats. If we indulge in a little speculation along teleolo^cal lines we shall see that the attenuation of virus limited to one host is not an unreasonable hy- pothesis. We may assume that all parasitism tends toward a more or less harmless symbiosis. The author said that he believed the great sf)e- cific energy of many disease germs was ac- quired in early geologic ages, possibly in ani- mals of a very different type from those now liv- ing. But it is not improbable that the process of making bacteria is going on now in the animal world, if we Phexin 500 notice only that these bacteria have been transported by some accident frcwn their un- seen habitat to species which happen to be sus- ceptible. A Study of the Mechanism of Agglutination. — Professor Harold C. Ernst of Phexin 500 Mg Boston held that in the early observations on the agglutinating prop- erties of the serum of immune animals the facts in the cases were developed with motile bacteria 7o6 TUBERCULOSIS AND BACTERID- THERAPY. [Medical News as with Charrin and Rogers' (1899) studies with bacillus pyocyaneus in cultures in the serum of
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