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Related post: to express hepatic insufficiency. In the same manner that uremia is the common termination of renal affections, and asystolia that of heart troubles, so is hepatic insufficiency the almost inevitable tergjination of many diseases, particu- larly of those of the liver. The fundamental characteristics of this symptom remain always the same, but they may be partially masked by the causative disease. From this their result three principal phases. When it is the result of a chronic trouble it is, so to speak, latent and must be looked for. In infectious diseases it is, to a great degree, maskflj by the grave symptoms of the disease cai. hepatic diseases, on the other hand, this insufficiency fom a prominent symptom which can be studied independent of the condition causing it, — St. Louis Med. and ~ fournal. Nature and Origin of Tetanus. — At the seance of Ofl 30, of the Academic de Mirdecine, M. 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This line ■ research is one that, in the opinion of the reporter, shoi^ be persucd with the greatest zeal in order that the mode \ extension, rare though it be. might be discovered and i pressed. — St. Louis Med. and Sur. Journal. GLKAN'INns. Leucorrhcea in Children.. — In these cases, accordin^^ to the College and Clinical Record, Dr. Parvin recommends pencils of iodoform containing three or four grains each, to be introduced into the vagina. Of course, this is in cases where injections can not be used ; or the following solution may be dropped between the labia : ]^ Argenti nitratis, . . . gr. v. M, et ft. sol. Gonorrhoea in Woman. — In a study of this subject by M. Herard {Lyon Medical) the following interesting statistics are given. In 483 women it was found that the disease was localized as follows : Urethra 114 Vagina ....... 7 Glands of Bartholin i . .2 Uterus ....... I Anus ........ I The vagina is the most frequently attacked in little girls, the urethra in woman. 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