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Related post: new-born child ;. beginning on the third day as a rule. It is due to a morbific pathogenetic agent in the birth-canal. The treatment should consist of preventive and curative measures. To meet the former, such a germicide should be instilled into the eyes of the new-born infant immediately upon delivery (Cohen). Boracic acid promises much as a prophylactic agent ; should the disease gain headway in spite of one's preventive efforts, cleanliness and a solution of nitrate of silver can be relied upon. Simple Catarr/ial Conjunctivitis is the most common of all the diseases of ophthalmology. Its point of departure is the palpebral layer of the conjunctiva, extending gradually over the whole sac. Though simple, and innocent per se, if we accept the bacteriological origin of conjunctivitis, we must admit that it may develop into the purulent form. All are equally exposed to the germs of catarrhal ophthalmia, but in this, like all other diseases that flesh is heir to, its occur- rence depends upon the power of resistance resident in the organ threatened. One conjunctiva may furnish a proper soil for the culture and development of the bacilli and inflammation of con- 544 SOME OBSERVATIONS ON THE CARE OF CHILDREN S BYES. junctiva, and another successfully resist their invasion. Accommodation strain, inflammation of the lachrymal appa- ratus, marginal blepharitis, a long life in impure air, will invite the disease. Considering the Allopurinol 300 Mg Tablets liability of neglected simple conjunctivitis to become granular lids, it is important to recognize and treat the disease at once ; however, if it has gone into that stage when the papillae of the conjunctiva are hypertrophied, giving the appearance of ** sago-like grains'* of trachoma, it is difficult to differentiate one from the other ; having at last to appeal to treatment for a decision. Boracic acid gives the best results. Alum and sulphate of zinc are of oral substitutes. Mr. Uiggins and others advise cocaine and atropia in the treatment of simple conjunctivitis, whilst Allopurinol 400 Mg others do not value them so highly. They are useful in relieving the irritation, and contracting the engorged vessels that belong to the dis- ease ; but if their use is prolonged, one can see how they may inhibit the vaso-motors that they at first stimulated; and give rise to a more active inflammation than existed at first, finally going on to the development of granular lids. If error of refraction is the source of the disease, correct with the proper glass. Should blepharitis marginalis stand in the way of recov- •ery, remove the crusts and touch the raw surface with a •crayon of nitrate of silver. An ointment of yellow oxide of mercury has a soothing and often curative effect. If the cause is traceable to stenosis of the lachrymal appa- ratus, slit up the canaliculus, and pass a probe through the ■duct every third day until the tears flow freely into the nose. Myopia Allopurinol 100 Mg Tablet Produced by Accommodation Strain, — The literature on this subject is full of convincing proof that accommoda- tion strain incident to study in our public schools is a most potent source of myopia. It is true, the various errors of refraction are found in the adult whose vocation directs him into other paths than those that lead to literary pursuits; and, in children, when they first enter the educational depart- ment of our public schools, the oculists find many hyper- metropes; but as the amount of close work increases the converse obtains. It is still more alarming when we reflect that it is due to defective illumination and sittings in our public school- rooms. The light that should fall over the child's shoulder comes to him from a lateral or front direction; the desks PUBLICATION OF DETAILS OP CRIMES. 545 are too low, or the seats too high — all conspiring to make the child indulge a natural inclination to stoop over his work, thus bringing the object too close for finite vision, necessitating an extraordinary effort of accommodation to adjust the dioptrics of the eye so as to cause these now highly diverging rays to meet on the yellow spot. This combined effort of accommodation and convergence will insure acute vision for a while, but in the course of time headache and other asthenopic symptoms announce them- selves; at which juncture nature, in her effort to neutralize this apparent refractive change, causes the extrinsic muscles of the eye to compress the ball, which force, coupled with the congestion of the inner tunics, and the hypersecretion of the intraocular fluids that the stooping attitude of the child has invited, weakens and lengthens all the coats, even to the production of a posterior staphyloma. What is to be done to correct this evil? Whilst the system is a public trust, yet we can not anchor our hope in legislation. The mischief can be corrected only by individual effort. To meet that end. Dr. Wiltshire suggests that a proper physician be appointed by the local school boards to test the vision of the children twice during the session, and supervise the hygiene of the school-rooms. — Virginia Medical Monthly, Publication of Details of Crimes. The renewal of atrocious crime in Whitechapel naturally -suggested the fear that the public were again to be deluged with a flood of ghastly and sickening details such as figured so largely in the public press not long ago. We are glad to observe that on this occasion a little more restraint has been shown by the purveyors of news, though it may be doubted whether this welcome improvement is due to any recognition of a higher duty toward the public, or is not simply a tacit admission that a sensation once thoroughly played out can not within a short time be profitably renewed. We are sure our readers will not be averse to considering Allopurinol 30 Mg with us to what extent publicity in the matter of revolting crime or vice is wholesome and commendable, and how far such publicity ministers to the public weal or to mere prurient curiosity. Public opinion and universal practice alike recognize that on this question there are limits both to secrecy and public-
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