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Related post: September 21. igoi] BARD WELL: LOCAL TREATMENT OF GONORRHEA. 457 or three drops in combinatkm with cubebs in an emulsion, taken largely diluted has seemed to have a bimeiicial action. Sandal-wood oil often causes severe pains in the lumbar region and probably at least ninety-nine times in a hundred these reme- dies alone do not cure genuine gonorrhea, and local remedies must in the end be resorted to. Turpentine, copaiba, and cubebs are entirely ttx) stimulating and irritating, both locally and gen- erally, to be passed into the stomach and blood and strained through the kidneys for the relief of a local lesion situated from one to two inches back of the glans penis, unless the indications for such use are clear, unmistakable, and prac- tically mandatory. Buy Trihexyphenidyl From this point of view all internal specific medication in gonorrhea should be abandoned. These remedies do benefit the local lesion when given in sufficiently large doses ; there can be no doubt about that, but when so given they almost invariably derange the stomach and weaken the kidneys, and the undue stimulation of any normal organ is always to be deplored. I have seen many cases in which the digestive disorders and the irritability of the kidneys have continued for years after the ingestion of these drugs had Buy Trihexyphenidyl Online been stopped, and even though there were no other way to cure gonorrhea it has often seemed to me that the administration of these drugs was a doubtful service to the patient. There appears to be, however, in nearly all cases, an undue acidity and concentration of urine that requires the use of a mild, bland, unirritating diuretic, especially in the first stages of the disease, and for this purpose ten or fifteen grains of citrate of potash, either alone or combined with hyoscya- mus, will usually be found to answer every pur- pose. Of course, lithia or sodium may be used in lieu of the potassium if preferred. I do not know if Purchase Trihexyphenidyl Online this condition is due to finan- cial prosperity, the Spanish War, or to com- mercial expansion; but I do know that I have seen an unusually large number of cases of gonor- rhea during the past year, and some of my con- freres have also noticed the increased number of these cases prevailing during the year 1900. In May, 1900, I commenced using protargol as an injection in gonorrhea and since then my results have been more satisfactory than before. It has proved most satisfactory to me in a solu- tion of two grains to the ounce of water, and in this strength I have in many cases begun using the injections the first day of the disease. In two ca.' time they need an irrigation. A few case reports may prove of sufficient in- terest to justify their reading at this point. Ciise L — The patient came to me the day after he noticed a urethral discharge; he had been in the same predicament before, but professed to be greatly surprised. I prescribed a solution of pro- targol, one-half of one per cent., to be used three times a day in a proper syringe ; patient reported in eight days with no apparent improvement. Strength of -solution was then increased to one per cent, injected three times a day; reported again in six days, improvement very slight. I then learned that owing to the Order Trihexyphenidyl patient being an old hand at the business I had not sufficiently in- structed him in the modus operandi, I directed him to immerse the bottle of solution in a basin partly filled with warm water a few minutes be- fore each injection, or until the solution reached a temperature of from 100 to 1 10° F. ; to urinate before injection; to fill the urethra with the solu- tion and then compress the glans penis and retain the solution Order Trihexyphenidyl Online five minutes ; wait a couple of minutes and then repeat the process ; to take this double injection three times a Purchase Trihexyphenidyl day and report again in five days. He did so, reporting at the end of five days that the discharge had nearly ceased, and he was entirely well three days later. I find that when patients have previously used injections for gonorrhea it is almost invariably necessary to insist quite strongly on the impor- tance of using the solution freely and of retaining it a sufficient length of time. They have been accustomed to using solutions that bite and they
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