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Many of us, perhaps, were a little doubtful as to the wis- dom of the early Generic Name For Haldol bulletins which to those who had had experience of the wayward course so often taken by abdominal wounds seemed imprudently optimistic. But we also knew that the late Pres- ident was in the hands of surgeons on whose skill and judgment the most implicit reliance could be placed ; and we awaited the result with confidence. The shock of the fatal issue was all the greater when it came. It has been said that the lowest depth of human misery is reached by the com- mander of a beaten army; but I have Order Haldol often thought that the position of physicians and sur- geons who have to fight a losing battle against death at the bedside of one of the potentates of the world is just as unenviable. 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It was stated that "in the last few hours of life paresis of Haldol Iv Push the pulmonary nerves set in, the heart beating stead- ily to the end." The exact meaning of this cryp- tic phrase was the subject of some discussion among members of the medical fraternity, and at last some one plucked up courage to ask one of the distinguished men who had ministered to the Queen in her last moments what the words were intended to convey. He threw the respon- sibility on the author of the bulletin, suggesting, however, that the phrase "paresis of the pulmo- nary nerves" was intended to get over the ugly
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